1970 - Exhibition “Avant-garde Paintings” at the Kirov’s Palace, Leningrad
1971 - Exhibition “Art of Avant-garde” at the Palace of the Youth, Leningrad
1973 - Personal Exhibition, Coffeehouse - Summer Garden the Hermitage, Leningrad
1974 - World Exhibition, Center of Modern Art, Osaka, Japan
1975 - World Exhibition, Sapporo, Japan
1978 - 5th International Exhibition in Austria, Germany and France
1979 - Personal Exhibition, “Paintings, Graphics, Glass” House of Scientists the Hermitage, Leningrad
1980 - Personal Exhibition at Blue Reception Room of the Artists’ Union, Leningrad
1983 - Exhibition “Avant-garde Paintings” at Kirov’s Palace, Leningrad
1985 - Annual Exhibition in the Manege, Leningrad
1989 - Exhibition, “Two Generations,” Museum of Modern Art, Australia
1989 - Personal Exhibition, “Paintings, Graphics, Glass” Five Angles, Leningrad
1991 - Personal Exhibition at the Museum of Glass, Finland
1991 - Personal Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Turkey and Finland
1991 - Annual Exhibition in the Manege, Leningrad
1991 - Personal Exhibition, “Kustarny” at the “Borey” Gallery, Leningrad
1992 - Exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Pennsylvania, USA
1993 - Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center, Marselle, France
1993 - Personal Exhibition at “Forum,” St. Petersburg
1993 - Annual Exhibition dedicated to 90th Anniversary of the artist B. Smirnov, Manege, St. Petersburg
1993 - Exhibition, “Art of New Era” National Library, Berlin, Germany
1994 - International Exhibition, “982 Art Transparencies” at the Alborelli Gallery, Venice, Italy
1994 - International Exhibition, 125th Anniversary of das Kunstlerhas am Karlsplatz, Vena, Austria
1994 - Annual Exhibition at the Manege, St. Petersburg
1995 - Exhibition “The Spiritual Heritage,” Koburg, Bavaria
1995 - Exhibition “Artist’s Vocation,” France
1995 - Exhibition dedicated to 200th Anniversary of Broman Museum, Finland
1996 - Annual Exhibition, “Kassel Reserve,” Germany
1996 - International Exhibition the “New Stream,” Turing
1997 - Exhibition dedicated to 10th Anniversary of Contemporary Art Division at IESA, Paris, France
1997 - Exhibition “The Legendary Heritage” dedicated to 210th Anniversary of Karl Augustus Museus
1998 - Exhibition, “Peace, Will and Idea,” Germany
1998 - Exhibition, “Symbolism in the Real World”
1998 - Exhibition, “Fantasy and Reality,” dedicated to 10th Anniversary of Salvador Dali
2000 - Exhibition, “Avante-garde Artists” at Obvodny Gallery, St. Petersburg
2002 - Exhibition dedicated to 70th Anniversary of The Union of Artists at the Manege, St. Petersburg
2003 - Annual Exhibition, “To Town from the Artist” at the Manege, St. Petersburg
2010 - Exhibition - Boris Chetkov retrospective, the first One Man exhibition ever held at Konstantinovsky - the Presidential Palace, Strelna, Russia
2012 – Posthumous Exhibition – Howell Art Space, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2013 – Solo Retrospective Exhibition - Gala Opening of Russian Art Week – Mayfair, London
2016 – Exhibition, Vail International Gallery, Vail, Colorado